The City Council of Vara Municipality decides to approve the proposed land allocation agreement on Ritaren 48 at the meeting held 2020-03-30.

Scandinavian House DevelopmentAG (“SHDAG” or the “Company”) inform that thethe company will sign proposed land allocationfrom Vara Municipality to build rental apartments.This will give the company 2 years of exclusivity tobuy the land. The project size is 4500-5000 grossarea and we will build small apartments forstudents. This is an […]

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Scandinavian House increases the share capital and accepts a new board member.

Scandinavian House Development AG (“SHDAG” or the “Company”) inform that the extraordinary general meeting held 2020 03 12 decided to increase the capital and accept Mr. Anders Halldin as Member of the Board of Directors.Mr. Halldin has a long experience as an entrepreneur and over the years he has built […]

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Scandinavian House announce change of articles of association, business name, change of site, address and Board of Directors

Scandinavian House Development
AG (“SHDAG” or the
“Company”) has decided to move the company to Luzern and doing changes according
to regulations.


2017-02-03Contact:SCANDINAVIAN HOUSE DEVELOPMENT AGc/o Findea AGHirschengraben 33, 6003 Luzern, SwitzerlandE-Mail: info@scandinavianhouse.netInternet: www.scandinavianhouse.netExchange: NYSE Euronext ParisMarket: Marché LibreISIN: CH0220529603Symbol : MLSHD Disclaimer; Forward-Looking Statements: This announcement or any other statement from SCANDINAVIAN […]

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Scandinavian House announce temporary suspension of trading shares

Scandinavian House Development SA (“SHSA” or the “Company”) has requested a temporary suspension of the trading of its shares. The reason for request of the temporary trading suspension is to make it possible for the board and the Company to finish a proposal to all shareholders, on a new […]

Scandinavian House Partner 24-7 Solar Starts Project Talks in Latin America

Scandinavian House Development SA (“SHSA” or the “Company”) and its close business partner in the renewable energy area, 24-7 Solar Ltd. (“24-7”), have started talks and negotiations for long-term advanced developments with a number of multinational clients in Latin America, within the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy […]

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Scandinavian House to advice about the new website of partner 24-7 Solar

Scandinavian House Development SA (“SHSA” or the “Company”) and its close business partner 24-7 Solar Ltd.
(“24-7”) have signed via a group company a Joint Venture agreement for long term developing of renewable power in Tunisia. The agreement will generate fees and revenues to 24/7 Solar and SHSA, and […]

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Scandinavian House signs license agreement with Swedish Draget Gruppen

Scandinavian House Development SA (“SHSA” or the “Company”) has entered into a license agreement with Draget Gruppen AB, a Sweden based building and construction company, located in Bålsta. The agreement outlines the use of the technical knowledge and production know-how for ecological, highly insulating and sustainable houses, which was […]

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Scandinavian House to Acquire Swedish Kiwiline Fastigheter AB

Scandinavian House Development SA (“SHSA” or the “Company”) has signed a letter of intent on June 17th 2015 to buy Swedish building and development company Kiwiline Fastigheter AB (“Kiwiline”) pursuant to due diligence procedures. The price for this projected acquisition shall be determined based on the results of an […]

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