Scandinavian House signs license agreement with Swedish Draget Gruppen

Scandinavian House Development SA (“SHSA” or the “Company”) has entered into a license agreement with Draget Gruppen AB, a Sweden based building and construction company, located in Bålsta. The agreement outlines the use of the technical knowledge and production know-how for ecological, highly insulating and sustainable houses, which was developed and owned by SHSA. Currently Draget Gruppen is using this construction know-how for one project, and two additional projects are in plan. For the future both companies intend to increase cooperation and loo forward to a prospering growth.


Route d’Oron 2, 1010 Lausanne, Switzerland
Exchange: NYSE Euronext Paris
Market: Marché Libre
ISIN: CH0220529603
Symbol : MLSHD

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