Mikael Engström, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO
Mr.Engström, Swiss Residence, holds a BSc Degree in Business Administration and Economics from University of Umeå, Sweden, and also completed several property-related and management training courses with SBAB, Sweden. Mikael is a former banker, independent entrepreneur, private investor and business advisor, focusing on renewable energy and real estate development projects. Since 2000 he has been involved in several business development projects, where he acted as both an investor and advisor to various start-up companies. He worked with financial modeling and structuring of project financing related to Solar Power plants, Waste-to-Energy facilities, Real Estate projects in the SEE countries and Water Purification projects.

Anders Halldin, Member of the Board of Directors
Mr. Halldin has a long experience as an entrepreneur and over the years he has built and sold companies within, for example, Telecom and Finance. Notable is that Mr. Halldin launched commercial internet for Telia AB in 1991. He also developed and delivered the trading platform for Nordnet AB. Later on, he built a company in the UK that sold the trading platform to tier one banks such as Deutsche Bank, Bank Argentaria, Bank Austria, Goldman Sachs among others. Mr. Halldin also has experience in running and operating public companies, including Woize, which was listed on NASDAQ in NYC.