In the western industrial world there is an increasing interest for construction and building methods that meet the future requirements of environmental policy making. For instant, the Swedish Government has set out a goal that the energy consumption in buildings will be cut in half by 2050. IVA, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, together with the major construction corporations in Sweden in 2010 put arguments forward that it is important for new building materials and procedures to replace traditional methods in order to be able to fulfill these goals.

SCANDINAVIAN HOUSE DEVELOPMENT SA offers unique design and construction know-how as well as proprietary ready-made building modules for sustainable house construction which hold up to the building standards of tomorrow with well working, cost and environmental efficient operations and construction solutions. During the recent months, houses built by SCANDINAVIAN HOUSE DEVELOPMENTS SA, have been in focus in the media, in several newspaper articles and through visits from politicians and employees in the environmental sector from different parts in Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and other European countries. At present the market focus of SCANDINAVIAN HOUSE DEVELOPMENT SA lies on Sweden.

Now the company has started activities to increase awareness of its unique construction technique and know-how on a European wide scale in order to expand into these markets, which all have similar energy efficiency regulations for buildings. The main operative business goal for the next 5 years is to build a European wide network of partnerships and joint ventures in order to introduce and expand into European markets for residential and industrial building, student homes, kindergarten and other community buildings.