This is our business

SCANDINAVIAN HOUSE DEVELOPMENT AG is active in the building and construction sector with an emphasis on design and construction of low energy buildings using ready-made environmentally friendly modules particularly for residential houses, industrial buildings, community houses like schools, kindergarten and student homes. The company has a unique knowledge in the planning, design and construction of low energy modules that are made out of special environmentally friendly material with superior insulation characteristic and how they are being put together efficiently. Company founders and management have construction knowledge and building experience for more than 40 years and in all relevant areas of the construction business.

[one_half last=”no”]During the year 2013, the SCANDINAVIAN HOUSE Group has a average of 25 employees on the payroll. After its acquisition of a second production factory end of 2012 in Bålsta, Sweden, the company is able to run 2 production lines with special machines for the manufacturing of building modules in two manufacturing locations covering a total area of ca. 3,000 square meters. [/one_half]

[one_half last=”yes”]Recently SCANDINAVIAN HOUSE DEVELOPMENT AG has started activities to increase awareness of its unique construction technique and know-how on a European wide scale in order to expand into these markets, which all have similar energy efficiency regulations for buildings. The main operative business goal for the next 5 years is to build a European wide network of partnerships and joint ventures in order to introduce and expand into European markets for residential and industrial building, student homes, kindergarten and other community buildings.[/one_half]

Scandinavian House Development offers unique design and construction know-how as well as proprietary ready-made building modules for sustainable house construction.