Construction Know-how

Construction Know-how

Founders, certain shareholders and management of SCANDINAVIAN HOUSE DEVELOPMENT AG are highly skilled and have particular knowledge of combining special design and construction know-how with advanced building materials.

pic-construction-know-howBy this special know-how to design and construct low-energy buildings SCANDINAVIAN HOUSE DEVELOPMENT AG is able to create an indoor space, which is extremely well insulated from the outside air and can best be described as “unbroken climate shield”. The only gateways from the outside to the inside space of a building are doors and windows.

Buildings are considered in its entirety and not as single parts or materials that are just being put together. Therefore the company emphasizes already during the design stage of a building on how individual modules are constructed and being put together in order to avoid so-called “energy bridges” through which air and thereby heating or cooling energy escapes from the inside to the outside. The second important factor of the special construction know-how is the use of building material with a superior insulation capacity.

Buildings that have been constructed with SCANDINAVIAN HOUSE DEVELOPMENT AG technology and know-how are characterized by very low energy consumption, low production costs, fast manufacturing and, because if its flexible building modules and architectural variations by individual design.

Scandinavian House Development offers unique design and construction know-how as well as proprietary ready-made building modules for sustainable house construction.