SCANDINAVIAN HOUSE DEVELOPMENT AG designs and constructs building modules, which are primarily used to build commercial buildings, but are also used for residential and industrial buildings as well as buildings for schools, student homes and kindergarten. The company’s main focus is to plan, design, and construct energy-efficient buildings currently mainly in the Scandinavian markets but also for other European and global markets where there is a need for low energy buildings in temperate, hot or cold climate zones.

The buildings using SCANDINAVIAN HOUSE DEVELOPMENT AG’s design know-how and ready-made modules are recognized for low energy requirements, low operating costs and low environmental and climate impact. By the combination of special design and construction know-how and the use of sophisticated building material with superior insulation characteristics, SCANDINAVIAN HOUSE DEVELOPMENT AG is capable to manufacture and deliver one of the most energy efficient building modules for energy consumption per square meter at very competitive market prices.

In addition to the design and construction of buildings SCANDINAVIAN HOUSE DEVELOPMENT AG is educating and licensing out its particular design and construction know-how to different companies in different countries in exchange for royalties. In the future this part of the companies’ business shall be expanded and is aimed to enter European and global markets.