Strategy and Vision

The basic goal of SCANDINAVIAN HOUSE DEVELOPMENT AG in the recent months has been to build and grow its business in Sweden and Scandinavia. In a second stage the company strives for expanding into the European market for low energy and ecological buildings either through direct sales or in cooperation or in form of joint venture companies with regional construction companies over the next 5 years. The special construction know-how and rights will be licensed out to the cooperation and joint venture companies. In a further step, the company intends to enter into global markets like North America, Africa, countries in the Golf region and Asia including China.

Key Business Goals

  • Investing in additional production lines and production facilities in Sweden and Scandinavia;
  • Hiring additional manufacturing personnel;
  • Trainee and qualification programs for employees;
  • Introducing optimized quality management system to improve order management and manufacturing processes;
  • Licensing of planning, designing and construction know-how to partner companies in Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe and globally;
  • Formation of Joint Venture projects in regional international markets with existing construction companies to market the Scandinavian house products;
  • Increase of capital base in order to manage larger order volumes and improve financing conditions.