Superior Insulation Material

Superior Insulation Material

In order to achieve high insulation factors, the construction modules of SCANDINAVIAN HOUSE DEVELOPMENT AG use a particular building material, EPS foam – Expanded Polystyrene. EPS is a synthetic aromatic polymer made from monomer styrene, a liquid petrochemical. EPS consist of 98% air and 2% Polystyrene. Because of its resilience and inertness, it is used to fabricate many objects of commerce. EPS foam is very suitable as insulating materials in many applications in building and construction as it is a pressure-resistant, moisture-proof and lightweight material. Thermal conductivity is measured according to EN 12667. Typical values range from 0.032 to 0.038 W/(m·K) depending on the density of the EPS board. Adding special filler materials (graphite, aluminum, or carbons) has recently allowed the thermal conductivity of EPS to reach around 0.030–0.034 (as low as 0.029)

Key Charactristics of EPS

  • Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • High water resistance
  • Chemically inert
  • Resistant to acids and bases
  • Interlocking elements
  • Good acoustic insulation
  • Flame retardant properties

EPS foam is an organic material and therefore combustible. For complete combustion developed no harmful substances, only carbon dioxide and water. EPS foam is a good choice for the environment. EPS is perfectly possible to recycle and / or reuse after removal of the building. The use of EPS insulation is thus a good way to reduce future amounts of waste.

Scandinavian House Development offers unique design and construction know-how as well as proprietary ready-made building modules for sustainable house construction.