Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Available in PDF format.

Director Dealings
No buying or selling from Directors have been conducted.

Body for Revision and Audits
Since Audit 2016 , the company has appointed PWC as auditor and tax consultant located in Luzern to become the company’s body for revision and audits pursuant to 727 ff OR, the Swiss Code for Obligation, which defines the laws and regulations for companies.

Company Registration

Corporate Official Publications
Official publications of the company are made through the Swiss Gazette of Commerce (SHAB), the Feuille Officielle Suisse du Commerce. Relevant information and announcements for the shareholders will be published on the company’s website.

Listing Sponsor
Our Listing Sponsor for Euronext Paris is NFINANCE Securities, an investment banking firm regulated and ruled by the Financial Services Authority in France and member of the NYSE Euronext, located at Rue Royal 5, 75008 Paris, France.

Paying Agent and Representative at NYSE Euronext
Société Générale, France

Share Clearing
SIX SIS, Euroclear France

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